The ACT Corrective Services Extended Throughcare program was established as a pilot in 2013, externally evaluated 2015-16, and recurrently funded by the ACT Government in 2017. The program delivers individually tailored supports designed around five key pillars: accommodation, financial sustainability, community connections, health, and basic needs.
Using service referrals, a single point of contact, support navigating complex service systems, and brokerage funding, the program aims to support client reintegration into the Canberra community. As each community faces its own challenges, so too does this city-state. With social and economic indicators that rival the most prosperous OECD countries, the hidden nature of clients' disadvantage in this context presents its own opportunities, obstacles and challenges.
The lessons learned with the ACT experience with throughcare have led to important changes to the program's design and delivery. This includes the need for services to be responsive to clients' and partner agencies' feedback. Attendees will hear about how these changes target support where it's needed and how the service is leveraging government and other services in the effort to support a whole of community approach to reintegration and reducing reoffending.

Anna Kirkham
ACT Corrective Services
Throughcare Manager

Biography: Since 2016, Anna Kirkham has been the manager of the ACT Corrective Services' Extended Throughcare Program. Anna has over 12 years' experience in corrective services, in Australia and in the UK, both within and outside the prison walls. Passionate about improving outcomes for ex-offenders, Anna is relishing her current role and the opportunity it provides for community education, but also for her involvement in and support for social justice and justice reinvestment programs.

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