In June 2017 two Freedom House Transitional Supported Accommodation Programs commenced the first hurdle - finding suitable accommodations through Real Estate Agencies who needed to be convinced how these programs would benefit the community. Forging these partnerships took some diplomacy as did convincing the neighbours that the nieghbourhood will not fall apart.
Then Community Corrections and Samaritans Freedom House Staff needed to learn to work in partnership to make sure that this program provided the best opportunity for those who would come and reside for the 12 weeks. This has been a very successful partnership with both parties learning what works and most importantly how to choose the candidates that most need the program but also are willing to participate in the program.
The Freedom Houses are not just accommodation services the residents are expected to attend the programs. Programs include Smart Recovery, Ice Smart. physio social programs, behavioural programs eg. TAME (the art of managing emotions), employment training (Cert 2 Warehouse, Computer, Education) all run by Samaritans Post Release Recovery Point Program. Each client is able to pay off state debt through WDO. They have Case Plans shared with Community Corrections through a data base.
The presentation will included the Community Corrections perspective as well as Samaritan and the voices of the clients who have been through or are presently in the Houses. This has not been an easy journey but one that does help to change the lives of those lucky enough to exit to Freedom House.

Louisa Gillings
Case Manager

Biography: Louisa Gillings is a Case Manager who runs groups such as Smart Recovery, TAME and Just for Women. She works across all of Samaritans post release services counselling, case managing and providing the service with a model and tools for data collection as well as effective case management tools. Louisa has a background in Rehabilitation Services and family support services and her knowledge give Samaritans the ability to work with FACs and those of our clients who are wanting restoration.

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