The Northern Territory (NT) continues to lock its residents up in record numbers. The NT’s incarceration rate in 2016 was around 880 per 100,000 people – over three times that of its closest rival Western Australia, and almost five times the national average. The number of prisoners is increasing. More than 85% are Aboriginal, and around 60% return to prison within two years of release.

Within this context, NAAJA’s Throughcare Program provides intensive pre and post release support to Aboriginal people from the Darwin Correctional Centre and Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.

We would love the opportunity to share our experiences with participants at the 2018 Reintegration Puzzle Conference, as well as hear their stories, learn about the contexts they work in and talk through their approaches.

We propose to:

Provide participants with knowledge and information about the lay of the land here in the NT to give context, particularly regarding our high level of incarceration and the shameful over representation of Aboriginal people in our prisons and youth detention centres.

Provide participants with an overview of our Throughcare Program including our challenges and successes.

Provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions about our work and share ideas.

Samantha Taylor-Hunt
NAAJA Throughcare
Program Coordinator

Biography: Samantha Taylor-Hunt is married with 2 adult children who were both born and raised in Katherine, Northern Territory. Originally from Victoria, Samantha has lived and worked in Katherine and Darwin for 30 years and for the past 14 years, has been involved in Law and Justice work. She has travelled and worked extensively throughout Indigenous communities particularly in the Katherine region. Sam has studied in the areas of Correctional Practice, negotiating behavioural change, coordinating intervention strategies, capacity building in indigenous communities, cultural awareness and mediation. She has a strong background in working with indigenous prisoners in order to prepare them for release and reintegration; addressing their needs; reducing the likelihood of reoffending; and reducing the effects or stressors of incarceration and release. Sam is the project Coordinator for the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency Throughcare Program.

Cindy Torrens
Senior Intensive Case Manager Domestic and Family Violence

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