Women's Health Tasmania together with their Consumer Advisory Group representing women exiting the justice system in Tasmania will present their recently created radio show “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” where women with lived experience tell their stories.

Women in prison are one of the most marginalised groups in our society; facing disadvantages throughout their lives. The Just Support Project Report (http://womenshealthtas.org.au/_literature_170256/Just_Support_Project_Report) written by
Iona Johnson for Women's Health Tas found that women exiting prison in Tasmania are highly likely to
offend again (at a rate of up to 50%) and gave recommendations for developing a co-ordinated gender responsive approach and proposed a case management model for providing this support.
As a follow up from this, the radio project has been initiated to increase public awareness of the issues that women face when they exit the justice system, promote why women need support on release and encourage the implementation of positive support strategies.
The programs include personal interviews with women with lived experiences and a group discussion between women passionate about the topic focusing on the issues and potential solutions. The project has offered women who have exited the justice system an opportunity to increase their confidence by learning about the broader context of their experience and developing skills including advocacy, radio production and communication.
In our presentation we will particularly focus on the positive outcomes and benefits that the engagement of the consumers in this project has brought to demonstrate its value.

Lisa Stautmeister
Women's Health Tasmania
Health Worker

Biography: Lisa is a Social Worker (BA) with broad experience in the community sector and a passion for working with the justice system, currently working as a Health Worker at Women's Health Tasmania, doing short-term Counselling, group work and advocacy projects. Women's Health Tasmania is a not-for-profit, health promoting organisation operating for 30 years with the vision to see that Tasmanian women are informed, supported and active decision makers in their own health and wellbeing.

Consumer Advisory Group for Women with lived experience in the Tasmanian Justice System

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