This presentation explains the mission and tasks of the Just Desserts: Drug Court Incentive Reference Group. Recently established in Tasmania, with representation from a variety of organisations and individuals, Just Desserts was formed to assist and complement the work of the Court Mandated Drug (CMD) treatment programme of the Magistrates Court. On the one hand, the sanctions associated with CMD programmes focus on negative consequences if offenders fail to fulfil certain obligations. On the other hand, rewards are also available for individuals exhibiting conforming behaviour and that recognise special efforts. Incentives to positively engage in such programmes can also benefit from additional ideas and input from independent groups such as Just Desserts that interact with but are nonetheless separate from the official institutions of governmental control. The presentation describes the intentions of the group, and explores the various issues and opportunities associated with efforts to assist offenders involved with the CMD programme in Tasmania.

Michael Hill
Just Desserts: Drug Court Incentive Reference Group

Biography: Michael Hill is former Chief Magistrate of Tasmania and a longstanding supporter of the use of therapeutic jurisprudence measures in regards criminal justice. He is Chair of the newly established Just Desserts: Drug Court Incentive Reference Group, comprised of individuals from a range of welfare, advocacy, legal and academic communities.

Rob White
University of Tasmania
Professor of Criminology -

Biography: -

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