Northern Territory Correctional Services Elders Visiting Program The Northern Territory Elders Visiting Program (EVP) was developed in partnership between the NT Department of Justice, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC), Community Councils and Elders. The EVP commenced in 2005 and operates throughout NT Correctional facilities. The program recognizes that cultural contact with Elders. This program improves the reintegration prospects of prisoners by maintaining links to community and culture while in prison. The Elders Visiting Program (EVP) objectives are: 1. To support the mental health and wellbeing of Indigenous prisoners by maintaining links to community and culture while in prison; and 2. To improve the reintegration prospects of Indigenous prisoners by talking about behaviors that led to their incarceration and discussing their post release plans, obligations and expectations upon returning to community. The EVP continues to form capacity building through community consultation and resource development for programming. The EVP Elders and staff have been integral into the development of treatment resources for violent offenders. The animations developed in language and English explain treatment concepts and develop skills. The resources are currently used in our correctional centers but the plan is to roll them out into community. The procedure has involved extensive consultation across 14 communities throughout the NT that currently participate in the EVP. The strength based approach teaches prisoners relationship skills which are culturally relevant and innovative.

Juanita Jones
Department of Attorney General and Justice
Manager, Elders Visiting Program

Biography: Ms. Jones has been working in the field of Correctional Services since 2003. Commencing with the WA Department of Corrective Services as a Juvenile Custodial Officer, Juanita also acted in the Aboriginal Welfare Officer and Liaison Officer (court & bail) positions. In 2007 Juanita was seconded to the Aboriginal Policy and Services Directorate – Department of Attorney General WA – as a Project Officer in the Aboriginal Justice Agreement (AJA) Team working on a variety of local AJA justice plans. Ms. Jones relocated to the Northern Territory 10 years ago, throughout her time she has worked extensively with Elders. She has significant experience in stakeholder engagement working with other internal stakeholders (custodial, youth, community corrections), other government agencies, non-government agencies, Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal Elders. Juanita has undertaken several roles, including Senior Policy Officer Indigenous Affairs and Senior Policy Officer Reintegration. In that period she has been responsible for procurement and contracts management in sex offender treatment programs and the pre and post prisoner support release space. She has also been the key driver for the expansion and further development of the EVP, growing the program from eight communities to over 15 communities/regions. She is also the key contact for Elders and others wishing to engage effectively with Elders that participate in the EVP.

Rosemary O’Reilly-Martinez
Department of Attorney General and Justice
Senior Clinician -

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Pirrawayingi Puruntatameri
Elder's Visiting Program
Chair Elders Visiting Program -

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