Australian Red Cross is piloting CBHFA in three correctional facilities across Australia. This unique program works with correctional staff and justice health to embody community development principles and train prisoners as ‘Special Status’ volunteers. Volunteers are empowered through the program to identify and improve the health, wellbeing and safety of their prison community through providing peer-to-peer support and education in the prison setting.

The pilot in Australia aims to build on the program’s success in Ireland, where CBHFA has been implemented in all prisons and has been internationally recognised, winning the 2011 World Health Organisation Award for best practice in prison health.

We are working with our international colleagues to leverage their learnings and ensure the successful implementation of CBHFA in Australia. We are also undertaking an external evaluation of the Australian pilot to provide an evidence base of the program.

In this presentation, we’ll draw on the early insights from the evaluation, and stories from the frontline, to explore how we can and must work collaboratively for smarter justice and safer communities.

Nikki Lovell
Red Cross
National Coordinator, Service Development, Justice

Biography: Nikki is the National Coordinator, Service Development, Justice at The Australian Red Cross.

In this role, Nikki supports Red Cross national strategy and advocacy in the justice space, and assists the organisation to develop, implement, sustain and improve Red Cross justice programs. Nikki has over ten years’ experience in leading programs and service development – from conception through to local operation. She has previously held roles with The Salvation Army and as a consultant with social justice firm, Synergistiq.

Nikki is also the author of ‘We are One Village’ (published by Allen & Unwin, 2012) and holds a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice and a Diploma of Languages.

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