Seeds of Affinity (SOA) is a grassroots, community organisation supporting women with lived prison experience. This presentation will be delivered by a panel of SOA members and will showcase the innovative practice and programs designed, deployed and developed by SOA women.
Radio Seeds is an award-winning community radio program providing real and honest information about the issues around women’s imprisonment and release. The program aims to ensure that the voices of criminalised women are heard, while providing valuable, authentic information to the wider community on the issues that women face prior to, during and after release.
The ‘Surviving Home Detention’, and ‘When mum goes to prison’ pamphlets were designed for women and their children and the agencies supporting them by SOA members who experienced these issues themselves, yet recognised that there is a dearth of information available.
‘Self-advocacy through letter writing’ is a new program. While at its most basic it aims to help women gain the skills in writing letters, the overarching goal is to empower women in prison to self-advocate while aiming to create solidarity amongst the women. The curriculum has been developed by SOA women and will be delivered by SOA members in the Adelaide Women’s Prison. More broadly, the project has been designed to give women the tools to negotiate the criminal justice system and to support each other in doing so.

This presentation will highlight how having a sense of community is a positive, empowering experience for criminalised women and will discuss our vision for our work over the coming decade.

Linda Fisk
Seeds of Affinity: Pathways for Women

Biography: Linda is a founding member of Seeds of Affinity and coordinates the bi-weekly sessions of the Seeds of Affinity group. She has completed studies in Psychology at the University of South Australia and has attained a Diploma in Community Services through TAFE. Linda has led Seeds of Affinity women into tertiary study and the production of their own award winning radio program in collaboration with Dr Heather Anderson and Dr Charlotte Bedford 'Radio Seeds'. She is a passionate advocate for the women in the Adelaide Women's Prison. Linda was the inaugural Chair of Seeds of Affinity and in 2016 Linda became a finalist in the Australian of The Year Local Hero category and continues to inspire women to fulfil their dreams.

Fiona Woollard
Seeds of Affinity
Assistant -

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